Hello world, 2021

2020 has been a really difficult year for many people, and human beings as a whole. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world in an unprecedented manner. People in many countries are still suffering physically or/and mentally in such an “unsafe” world. It’s not a war some human groups against other human groups, but rather a war human beings against the deadly virus.

Hello word, 2021!

With 2020 folded up and became history, we need a new normal for the new year, which hopefully generate benefits in the long run. Fostering hygienic habits, practicing social distancing, and wearing face masks are the effective measures many of us learnt that helped controlling the virus spread. They are actually beneficial even in the non-pandemic time.

Looking back to my 2020 health plan, I’m really happy to see most of the goals were well achieved. My family members are all well; my sleep quality improved quite a bit. Though not playing table tennis and board games regularly, I did find time participating in other physical activities e.g. tennis, badminton, basketball with my boy and friends. A recently acquired hobby for me is road cycling. Nah I’m not targeting racing - still learning some basic riding and bike maintenance skills. And I did track my sleeping time — the statistics shows that my average start-sleeping time for the past few weeks was around midnight, which is an area a bit far away from my target, and could be improved.

Okay, so what I’m planning to achieve in the year 2021?

Physical health:

  • All family members survive the pandemic

Mental health:

  • Kiss and hug family members each day

Technical health:

  • Create a new open source Python project

As you can see I put down 3 items for each category to avoid a too-ambitious-plan. I will try to list 3 mini goals (for both work and life) each day as well, hoping each mini achievement could add up and lead to a bigger target listed above.

That’s about it. Good luck 2021. Stay safe my friends!



OpenSource & Automation make me excited. Release engineering @MongoDB

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Luke Chen

OpenSource & Automation make me excited. Release engineering @MongoDB